Amplifier takes your best form of advertising, "Word Of Mouth" and amplifies it.

Amplify your Word of Mouth

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MYOB and Amplifier have teamed up to make your business success more assured.

We all know MYOB excel at tracking the numbers you generate to keep you up to date with a financial scorecard reflecting your financial performance.

NOW MYOB wants to help their existing and new clients track exactly where the FUTURE income is going to be coming from ............. HOW?

Amplifier believes your sales are best and most easily derived from clients / customers that know you, like you and trust you (KULUTU) so why not communicate direct with them.

By using Amplifier's social media tool, in partnership with you the business owner, we'll work on both communicating and track activity with your existing & potential new clients by maximising and growing your database.

In addition to this cutting edge tool, you be at the same time enhancing your Google SEO, Marketing focus, client input, review requests, review responses and social platforms plus give you text messaging and email connectivity with your clients - all monitored by a tailored dashboard giving you quantifiable evidence of your marketing effectiveness.

All this for less than $100 per week - will save you thousands of dollars in wasted and ineffectual advertising.

Minding Your Own Business to be more successful - get amplified!.

15 Questions

1 Do you want a process to capture your customers and build a comprehensive database? Database System
2 Do you want your happy customers' feedback requested, captured and spread online without you having to do anything? Reviews
3 Is having motivated, inspired staff, along with greater staff retention important to you? Staff Recognition Process
4 Is featuring strongly in a high-traffic directory site valuable to you? Premier Directory Listing
5 Do you want to get to the top of Google searches and get a greater share of enquiries? Google SEO
6 Does capitalising on the massive number of people using Social Media and getting regular, relevant, non-agenda content appeal to you? Social Media Content
7 Do you want to ensure you have a mobile-friendly presence for the growing number of customers using smartphones? Mobile Compatible
8 Do you want to convert more traffic from your website into business and improve your site's ranking with Google? Website Content Feed
9 Do you want to grow in technical confidence, improve your understanding and avoid the risk of being exploited by digital offers Digital Coaching Course
10 Would you like to be able to see an instant snapshot of how all your marketing efforts are impacting your business's success? Snapshot Metrics
11 Are you communicating on a regular basis with your existing and previous customers who know you, like you, trust you? Email Program
12 Would you like to be able to text your customers from time-to-time with highly relevant, non-intrusive, well-received messages? Texting Program
13 With the massive number of people searching for deals online, do you think it's worth offering some deals of your own? Online Deals
14 Do you see the value in surveying your customers from time-to-time, simply and straightforwardly? Survey Site
15 Would you like to have a skilled, ready-to-go Marketing Department driving effective communication with your customers for you? Creative Writing

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